La Favorite

by Gien

Suitable for the dishwasher and microwav

This pattern, La Favorite, designed by Yazbukey, is an idea of Yaz Bukey, inspired by an Ottoman tale. The tale relates the story of a turtle that fell in love with a tulip in the Sultan’s palace gardens... The Sultan was so passionate about tulips that he had turtles fitted with candles on their shells and trained to serve as lights in the gardens during evening festivities, illuminating the flower, symbol of his empire. It so happened that a turtle became intoxicated with a tulip’s scent and fell in love with the palace Favorite...
The pieces of this set form the palace flower gardens, where the turtle can be seen among tulips, bringing them light. There are four flowers, each one depicted on a dessert plate and given a name : mischievous, artful, gracious and Favorite. The turtle falls in love with this last one. On the cake plate, whilst the three other tulips try to enamour the turtle with their charms, he only has eyes for the Favorite.

H 9,5 cm | 0.25 l
 45,00 inc. Vat
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Bread & butter plate, set of 4, 2 patterns
Ø 17 cm
 120,00 inc. Vat
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Rectangular cake platter
36 x 15,5 cm
 100,00 inc. Vat
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