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To transform your house into a true home, the right decor is essential. Each room deserves carefully selected pieces tailored to your unique taste and requirements.

At our store, we offer a range of exquisite bathroom accessories by renowned brands like Giobagnara and Riviere in leather finishing that can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa experience. 

Add a touch of sophistication to your living room or hall with our exclusive collection of Pâte de Crystal Objects from Cristallerie Daum. These signed masterpieces are not just decorative items; they are captivating eye-catchers that elevate the ambiance of any space. 

Discover our exclusive home accessories and decorative ornaments, ranging from elegant silver and crystal pieces to modern stainless steel, all from renowned brands that will truly make your home unique.

bespoke advice

Do you need personal advice? Let us show you our collections in a personal setting, tailored completely to your needs.

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