Established in 1917, Ninaber van Eijben LXRY Tableware is dedicated to the art of the impeccably set table, where exquisite dinnerware takes center stage.

Your choice of dinnerware is very personal, reflecting your taste, the ambiance you wish to cultivate during meals, and even the recipes from your cherished kitchen. We understand the importance of these choices in creating a dining experience tailored just for you.

Our prominent dinnerware providers, such as Haviland, Bernardaud, Fürstenberg, Gien, and Dibbern, stand at the pinnacle of the European porcelain industry. Each brand possesses unique expertise in crafting opulent and user-friendly dinnerware.

Whether you prefer Limoges porcelain, earthenware, or bone china, and whether your taste leans toward minimalist white or intricately adorned tableware, with our extensive knowledge and years of experience, coupled with our collection boasting nearly 400 dinnerware sets, we are well-equipped to discover your ideal crockery set.

Bespoke advice

Do you need personal advice? Let us show you our collections in a personal setting, tailored completely to your needs.

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