Dinnerware decorated

Decorated tableware is tableware that is decorated with a pattern, drawing or colour design. It can be made of different materials, such as porcelain, Limoges porcelain, earthenware and glass. Decorated tableware gives character, elegance and style to any meal or occasion.

There are different types of decorated tableware, so you will find traditional designs brands such as Gien, Raynaud and Havilland. You can find modern designs at, among others. Jaune de Chrome, Hering and Sieger. Some tableware designs are inspired on nature, such as flowers, leaves and birds, while other designs are abstract or contain geometric patterns.

Decorated crockery can be used perfectly every day, but can also serve as a beautiful addition to a white tableware to use for special occasions, such as dinners and parties. It brightens up the table and provides an elegant, personal atmosphere.

(Omission?) Maintaining decorated tableware requires a little extra care. It it is recommended to wash the dishes by hand instead of in the dishwasher, to avoid damage to the decoration. The crockery must also handled with care and not stacked to avoid scratches.

In general, decorated tableware is a beautiful and stylish addition to
any table setting. It is available in different price ranges and designs,
making it accessible to almost everyone.

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